Class Descriptions

Ninja: Take strength & agility and mix it up with tumbling & parkour! This program teaches how to become the Ultimate Neu Era Ninjas! From different obstacle courses to flipping off the walls (literally), your kids will learn all the necessary basics to become Parkour and Tricking phenoms!

Kids Fitness: Neu Era Kids Fitness is a new program we’re developing. We at Neu Era Gymnastics understand that gymnastics isn’t the only sport in which your child may participate. Our Fitness class is designed to help your child with the introduction to speed and agility training. It’s a fitness program designed for kids with a bit of a gymnastics twist! Our goal is to help your child develop the proper skills that will help them succeed in any sport they wish to compete in!

Recreational Gymnastics: Neu Era Recreational Gymnastics classes are designed to introduce your child to the basics they will need to have the most success at the competitive level. Our trained staff will teach your child all the necessary progressions to learn each skill the safest way possible and help them develop the most confidence in their gymnastics!

Competitive Gymnastics: Neu Era Competitive Gymnastics is a program run by Owner/Head Coach Nicholas Neu and Peter Neu. With years of experience, we have put together a program that develops positive mindsets and confidence and always puts the kids first. Constant progressions will lead your child to successful and clean gymnastics while helping them succeed with the goals they set for themselves.

Cheer Tumbling: Whether you’re new to cheer and want to learn the basics of tumbling, or you want help for your competitive/school cheer team, the Neu Era Cheer Tumbling class will help you reach your goals. Our trained staff will teach you how to progress your tumbling and achieve your goals. If you Think Big we will help you Tumble BIGGER!

Adult Class: Do you have prior experience in a gym? Have something you want to check off your bucket list? The Neu Era Adult Class may be the guide to help you get there! This non-structured class is an open gym for any person ages 17+ Come in and refresh some of those skills you used to love to show off, sharpen your skills, or learn some basics to gymnastics under the supervision of a competitive team coach who will be able to assist you.